When COVID doesn’t kill you… the state and the owners do it
Since 2014, the year in which we opened GustoDiVino, we have decided to differentiate ourselves from the local competition, focusing on quality, the real one, rather than on low quality products.
In these long 7 years of work and sacrifices, despite our non-central and disadvantaged position compared to the competition, we have been the only ones able to operate a place that before us, had never worked.
We have built a solid base of customers who have distinguished themselves for knowing how to choose and appreciate the true quality of Italian cuisine. We write “Customers” but you have been much more than just customers, you have been Friends, you have been our strength to face all the difficulties we encountered in our “adventure” in Mallorca.
2020, needless to say, was a tough year for everyone, the lack of tourism, the lack of concrete aid from the state and the government of the Balearic Islands are just the tip of the iceberg.
Like many other entrepreneurs in the area, in March we understood that this was not going to be a season like any other, but we decided to hold on and go on anyway to try to save the fruit of our years of hard sacrifice.
Since the end of March we have tried in vain to renegotiate the terms of our contract with the owner to try to cope with 2021, receiving zero consideration and zero aid.
And here we are, exasperated by the constant extortion hidden by aid, fed up with the spite, hatred and envy of our neighbors and competitors, we therefore decided not to bend down and return the keys and return to our home, in Italy.
We go home with our heads held high, with the awareness that we are correct and honest people, in the right and that we have left you, our customers, our friends, a good memory of our cuisine and our family, we return home enriched by all the compliments, from all the support you have been able to give us.
We wish our, fortunately now ex, owner, a very long life, we wish him that in these very long years he can learn the true meaning of the word “humility”, we wish him that life can teach him to appreciate and value people’s sacrifices (especially in times of difficulty). May this experience be for him a life lesson from which to learn and improve. Life is too short to live with a heart full of hate, and we wish him that he realizes that the value of a united family is more important than the value of the bank account.
We leave as winners.
A heartfelt thanks to all of you for these years spent together.
We wish you the best that life has to offer and a very happy new year.
A hug Gianpiero, Lilly, Marco, Andrea, Alberto, Elisa, Lidia, Anna